Thursday, December 27, 2007

2007 in Review: The "God of Thunder" Award

This award is given in honor of creating a sound so transcendentally grandiose that it induces a spiritual realignment in the listener.

Boris with Michio Kurihara
Blue Chopsticks

I put this album on again last night in order to refresh my memory and to really sink into the experience so I could give an accurate description and review. I will not relate the entirety of the experience I had, because I don't think everyone else will have the same reaction. I will say that the opening track, "Rafflesia," was such a colossal, awe-inspiring crush of noise that I lost track of my concept of self and let the album guide my imagination into bizarre and fascinating places. I had the sense of being lifted out of myself by some benevolent deity and going on an odyssey. And no, I was not on drugs.

It's not all big big noise music: it's often very soft and delicate, and that's a large part of what led me on that journey into the murky corners of my brain. The reference point here isn't really Boris -- this is as far from the pounding rush of Pink as you can get and still be the same band -- but rather Michio Kurihara's work with Ghost. It is very psychedelic, and despite the fact that it's loud rock music, it has the quality of feeling ancient and holy. Rainbow is a very intense experience, and one that I enter into rarely because I don't want to take it too lightly, but it is a spectacular one. Listen to it, but only when you can devote yourself to it.

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