Sunday, July 02, 2006

Boris - Pink

Every time I try to describe this album to someone, I end up using some gruesome analogy, like "it'll make your eyeballs spurt blood, but in a good way." There's usually spurting blood in my description. This album is really that hard. In an attempt to cut down on gratuitous descriptions of gore, let me try to find some positive things to say about it that won't scare the kids.

1) This album is perfect for anyone who thinks that Lemmy is just too calm and cuddly.

2) If your eardrums were Tokyo, Boris would be Godzilla, Mothra, Rodan, Son of Godzilla, and every other rubber monster you could possibly throw at it. It must be played LOUD.

3) It's harder, faster, dirtier, and just plain heavier than their previous album, Akuma No Uta, which was harder, faster, dirtier, and just plain heavier than most things.

4) The last track is an 18-minute guitar epic that sounds like My Bloody Valentine covering "Sister Ray." It'll turn your brain into jelly.