Monday, November 02, 2009

Pisces - A Lovely sight

How does something this good go so long without being discovered? The Numero Group has finally brought these AMAZING psych-rock recordings to the light of day after they (the songs, not the Numero Group) spent forty years fermenting in a cellar somewhere in Rockford, Illinois. Pisces pulls you right into their uniquely dark but gentle atmosphere in the span of about six seconds, and once you’re there, you’re there. It is very mystical and very beautiful. I can't really describe it in concrete terms, but the words I would use in a metaphoric description are "dream," "lush," "foggy" and "verdant." For recordings that were never released, the recording quality is improbably good, the production is brilliantly suited to the quality and intent of the songs, and the songwriting is top-shelf all the way through. I’ve seen a few people pick this one off the shelf and put it back again because they only want Numero to do soul, but it's really worth a second glance.

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