Saturday, August 01, 2009

.45 Grave - Sleep in Safety

.45 Grave deliver death rock in a style that is thoroughly Los Angeles: it’s loud, trashy, blazing punk rock, more influenced by The Germs and Black Flag (and maybe even Motley Crue?) as Joy Division and Bauhaus. The melancholy theatrics and musical mood breaks that characterized even the most glam-oriented British goth bands are left in the dust by “Partytime,” which sounds like it could be by the Dictators, and a whole album full of razor sharp riffs. There’s even a surf-rock instrumental towards the end, which (as far as I can tell) is not a joke at all. Sleep in Safety is still dark, and it still absolutely belongs in the same category as Christian Death, their closest stylistic and geographical contemporaries, but it’s a lot more... snide. And lively. And it has a sense of humor about itself. Goth rock is a genre with a handful of good bands and countless others aping their styles -- 45 Grave is one of those few, proud bands that figured it out on their own.

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